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Guangdong LANWAN Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd , 
Guangdong(Dali) 3D Printing Co-Innovation Platform
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It’s the world’s First HP 3D Printing Mass Customization Center.And it has over 10 the most advanced HP’s Jet Fusion 4200,4210 series of industrial 3D printer and can provide more than 30,000 SME with comprehensive solutions from design to research and development,and to application,and to products.

HP's Jet Fusion 3D 4210 Printing Solution opens the road to engineering-grade high-quality components manufacturing, with an average print cost of 65% lower than competing FDM and SLS printer solutions, and an average print time of only one-tenth of that of FDM and SLS solutions. It is very suitable for producing 700 to 2000 parts per week.

3D Printing Processing Service Main Business:

Consumer Electronics,Home Appliance,Electrical Development
Medical Device,Surgical Guide,Rehabilitation Protective Gear,Functional Insole (To Meet The Needs of People With Diabetes)
Custom Glasses, Fixtures, Crafts, Gifts, etc.

3D Printing Education:

Primary and Secondary School 3D Printing Maker’s Education,Teacher’s Training,Maker’s Competition
Cooperation With Vocational Colleges’ 3D Printing Major
MSc(Res) Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies,MSc Additive Manufacturing and Management
Industrial 3D Printing Training
Creative 3D Printing Training
Medical 3D Printing Training


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